How to deal with the cold war period

Love is a compulsory course between men and women, or sooner or later, more or less, always to experience, and even some people will fall in love after marriage; but most couples in love are in the period of experience of the Cold War. The Cold War is actually not terrible. What is terrible is that we are at a loss. In fact, there are many ways to break the Cold War. Let’s share with you what to do in the Cold War. 1. Both sides should do more self-criticism and conflicts between men and women. No matter who is right or wrong, they can no longer blame them arbitrarily. Instead, you should read more

Wife likes sex on the couch at home

Generally, when we have sex, we will choose some places. I believe many people will choose to be at home. Of course, this is the best place for us to have sex. But at home, we can choose other places to make love, such as: sofa, this is a better way to make love. The choice, some people will say that sex on the sofa is not good, because the place is small, first do not have such a point of view, let’s first look at what they say. Wenwen 32 years old, my husband and I are both TV fans. Every night, I don’t see yawning and never go to bed. This bad habit directly leads to a decline in read more

11 wonderful moments for a man to blush

More and more young people are beginning to pursue high-intensity and stimulating sexual life. Indeed, sexual stimulation determines the sexual experience in your next sexual intercourse. Perfect sex is achieved through sexual skills and role-playing. Today, let’s take a look at the 11 big flirting moments that make you blush. Send him a souvenir with a scratch, bite mark or sexy hidden hickey, let him think of things, always think of your day’s wave. Or bite his lower lip, let the tingling sensation every other day, remind him from time to time to remind you of your breathing, climax, read more

How a married woman has a charm!

If both parties lose their sexual attraction, this is a very dangerous thing that can easily lead to extramarital affairs. In order to maintain the attractiveness of sex, it is actually very simple. As a woman, we should abandon the male initiative in terms of sex and take the initiative to please him. (1) Moderately teasing men are fond of being teased. To stimulate them, they must first delay, and even stop him from making further demands when appropriate, so that his desire and excitement will expand. If he is deeply attracted to you, his desire for sex is urgent. In this case, you are likely read more

How to win MM heart for the first date

Perhaps because of the pressure of life, perhaps because of other reasons, there are many left and right women in contemporary society. The men are often forced to marry by their parents because of the old concept of “passing the ancestors”, and some have to go to blind date. But many people go to blind date, and after seeing it once, there is no more. So how do you win MM hearts on your first date? The following small series will teach you a few tricks, hoping to help men. Appropriate use of body language and body stiffness of men, it is difficult to get MM good feelings. The first time read more

Which three diseases do not need to hang male?

In the clinic, I often see some “patients” who are anxious but actually have no disease. The “symptoms” they worry about are not really medical “disorders”. At best, they are “phenomenons”. If you go to the hospital, you can have some Understand, you don’t have to work hard to see a doctor. Urine line bifurcation suffering from prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and even prostate cancer often accompanied by symptoms of urinary bifurcation, which is related to urethral adhesion. But it is not as long as the urinary bifurcation is a read more

What should we do if our communication after marriage is not smooth?

The maintenance of marriage is inseparable from the communication between the two sides, in order to solve the entanglements and contradictions in life. In a marriage, there are no two people who have no contradiction at all, because there is no absolutely perfect thing in the world. If you want to manage and maintain your marriage more easily, you need to start with communication. Only by finding the communication method that is most suitable for two people can the marriage life be relatively smooth. Daren’s tricks: 1. Poor communication has destroyed the normal state of marriage to a read more

Quality female marriage unfortunately has 12 characteristics

I often see women after marriage telling friends and relatives how unfortunate they are, and spitting life. I knew that today, why didn’t I polish my eyes? Marriage is the biggest bet of every woman in life, so how do you choose to bet? If the man around you does not have the following qualities, you can assert that the woman’s misfortune begins from here… 1. The height of a man begins a strange phenomenon in today’s society. A girl with a height of only 1 meter and 6 is one of the conditions for mate selection. That is, the height of the man is required to be 1 meter 75 or more. read more

What should I do if the ovulation period is delayed? What are the symptoms?

What should I do if the ovulation period is delayed? What are the symptoms? If the menstrual cycle is more disorderly, resulting in menstrual disorders, so without excessive worry, you can adjust the menstruation, so the ovulation period is normal, if you want to know the time, you can do a special test of B-ultrasound, this will be even more Know exactly the time of ovulation. Ovulation bleeding symptoms The most obvious symptom of ovulation bleeding is uterine bleeding, which Chinese medicine calls “intermenstrual bleeding.” Under normal circumstances, the amount of bleeding is read more

How to accurately determine the ovulation time?

There are many problems in our lives that need to be paid attention to. Female friends pay special attention to their ovulation period, because there are many problems in ovulation that need attention. Focusing on ovulation can make us all better pregnant, and it can make us more Good contraception, so this is good, so how to accurately judge the ovulation period, what symptoms of female friends in ovulation will appear? Leucorrhea is due to the secretion of cervical mucus to a certain amount. Prepare for ovulation. It is usually ovulation within the longest 24 hours of leucorrhea. A total of read more